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Practice Makes: MISTAKES

Imagine living in a world with no 'cmd + z'. A sick thought, but it's out there! In that world, mistaeks happen — Barnacles! No spell check to catch your fall! Survival in this world means moving forward, and knowing one thing: Right or wrong things happen. What matters is what we do about it. Join us for Practice Makes: Mistakes where we'll reflect on the beauty of mishaps.

October 12th, 2021

6:00 PM EST


Boston Skyline

Practice Makes in Boston

The Practice Makes Boston team starts every morning like any design in the area. With a warm bowl of chowder, cup-a-dunks, and an undying love for creation and creating. We want to connect and learn with the local creative community. Physical, or remote, we intend to create a space to teach and learn different aspects of design.

A playing card
Designers attentively listening to a presentation
Practice Makes: Process - June 06
Designers conversing and laughing

Meet the Team


Meli is a designer, compulsive observer and inquisitor who values asking “Why?” as a guide for creating holistic product visions. When it comes to pasta, Meli’s not picky, but will probably go for a noodle dish like pancit instead.

Meli Kim

Dan is an artist/designer interested in connecting the dots between the physical and digital world when it comes to user problems and solutions. Dan likes painting and only one form of pasta - elbow all the way.

Dan Murphy

Emi is a designer and strategist who believes that good design creates meaningful moments across various boundaries. When not pondering the shape of clouds in the sky, she’s admiring the ever-comforting nature of pillow-soft gnocchi.

Emi Gaal

Meaghan is a brand designer turned product designer, who believes complex problems don't always warrant complex solutions. She will eat any and every type of pasta, but bonus points if it has clams in it.

Meaghan Kane

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